Summer is officially here giving me every reason and impulse to tap into my list-making obsession and curate a bundle of things to check off before these brand new leaves change orange and yellow.
Every summer I try to come up with a list of activities to do not only to make sure the summer is killer, but also to keep on track and not let the whole summer slip away right before my eyes (which seems to happen every damn time).
Feel free to snag it and add some activities of your own!
I'm also debating making the Summer Bucketlist as a vlog series on my channel, so if you want video or blog post updates just let me know in the comment section below and I'll find some creative ways to keep you guys up to date with checking things off the list.

So, Summer 2017, let's do this,


- Have A Beach Day
- Go On A Family Trip
- Make A Summer Playlist 
- Have A Picnic 
- Go To An Amusement Park
- Spend A Day In Pjs Baking  
- Go On A Road Trip 
- Have A Summer BBQ
- Watch A Movie at the Drive-In 
- Go Hiking 
- Have a Bonfire - Vegan S'mores 
- Get Adrenaline Rush -- Skydive 
- Go Kayaking/Canoeing 
- Spend a Day Trying Food Trucks/New Restaurants 
- Go To A Concert 
- Make Dinner with Farmer's Market Items 
- Read 6 Books 
- Go Stargazing -- Fill Truck Bed with Pillows and Blankets 
- Have A Spa Day 
- Go To An Art Gallery 
- Be A Tourist In Your Town 
- Watch the Sunrise & Sunset 
- Get A Tattoo 
- Host a Boardgame Night 
- Shop On A Boardwalk 
- Plant Something 
- Spend A Rainy Day Reading 
- Make Homemade Vegan Icecream 
- Go Golfing 
- Plan An Epic Date Night 
- Go Night Time Swimming 

There it is.  It's it beautiful.
If I think of anything else I'll update the list.  
ALSO if you guys do anything on the Summer Bucketlist, make sure you send me pictures! 
Here's to the best summer ever!