It's 2am, you look down to find crumbs from your midnight (and mid-season) snack sprinkled across your couch and even a few on your dog.  You stumble to the bathroom to brush your teeth before making the final face-plant into bed, only to wake up feeling the guilt of a TV binge hangover.  Know the feeling?
Well fear not, because like fine wine is to cheap vodka, some hangovers are totally worth it.  I give you 10 must watch shows that are totally worth the TV binge and the five coffees it will take to keep your eyes open the next day.

Yes, most people have already seen it, but it tops the list as most binge-worthy because it never gets old.  If you don't binge this show annually, you're totally missing out.

2. How I Met Your Mother 
Like Friends, this is another classic that never gets old.  Between Barney and Marshall, you can guarantee to be spitting out your wine or quoting their lines in the weirdest of situations.
Challenge Accepted.
Another annual binge.  

3. Grey's Anatomy 
Not only are there 14 seasons for your binging pleasure, the characters only get better with time and you will without a doubt take any and all feels you have suppressed in your lifetime and cry them out alongside Meredith Grey.  It's like therapy through a screen. 

4. Game Of Thrones 
If you haven't already jumped down this worm hole, you need to.  Don't let the confusion of the first few episodes keep you from this welcomed addiction.  There are season breakdowns on Youtube to cover all the information you may have missed as you work your way through the episodes (and there's no shame in needing them because damn, it gets confusing).
Plus, Jon Snow...
Enough said.

5. Riverdale 
To be honest, this show can touch on the corny side but there's no denying they've captured the retro Archie vibe without fail and found a way to tie it in to modern day.  The characters are pretty bang on in comparison to the comics and it makes you want to hunt down a cute diner and drink cherry shakes whilst fighting hometown crime.
Yes I attempted to find a vegan cherry shake on UberEats.
I failed.

6.  The Office 
The best feel-good show in all of history.  Let's say you just got home from what was the longest day in all of eternity;  Susan at work was a complete bitch, you dropped your sandwich at lunch, you gave the finger to an old lady on the way home from work only to feel a wave of guilt hit you in the face like Mike Tyson immediately after but at the same time "GOD DAMNIT LADY THE SPEED LIMIT IS JUST A SUGGESTION."
You sit and you binge this show until Michael Scott makes you feel better.  Or you at least relate to him on some spiritual level.

7.  This Is Us
Another on screen therapy session.  With only two seasons to date for your binging pleasure, you'll be able to catch up on this one quick, and trust me, you will be hooked.  Between the storyline and the characters, This Is Us perfectly captures how deeply intertwined our lives are and through jumping back and forth through the lifetimes of the characters, it shows how each moment of our lives becomes a piece of who are are.  It's both captivating and refreshing.
Prepare to ugly cry.

8. Gilmore Girls 
Yet another classic.  This show is comfort in a nutshell.  From coffee obsessions to the first snow fall of the year, Gilmore Girls will have you feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy and speaking about 5000 words a minute regardless of how late you stayed up watching it.

9. Nashville 
If you like country music, this is the show for you.  Not only are the stories and the characters interesting, it'll make you want to learn to play guitar and sing on open mic night next Thursday.  It's a perfect balance between comfort and drama, trust me you'll be hooked and turning on the country station on the way to work the next day.

10. Homeland 
Warning: This. Show. Is. Addicting.  At first, the main character seems crazy and you're wondering if you're going to make it passed the first episode but out of nowhere Netflix will ask if you're still watching and you'll start frantically hunting for the remote to keep going.  By the end of the first few episodes, you'll be rooting for her odd, unorthodox ways of doing things and needing to know the truth behind all the corruption.  If you need one of those shows that sucks you in so far that you forget the year let alone time, this will do the trick.

Those are ten of what might just be the fine wine shows in the world of Netflix and Crave (or whatever it is everyone else uses).  Grab your snacks, get in your sweats, hit play from the beginning and let the TV binge commence. 
Happy watching.