It's that time of year again.
When despite the chill still lingering in the air, we can feel the sweet promise of warmth and singing birds lingering around the corner, awaiting our arrival.  Spring is oftentimes surrounded by themes of renewal and cleansing, from Easter and Passover, to the simple sprouting buds of trees and flowers proving yet again the resilience of nature and the foreshadowing of a colourful summer. Spring is the metaphoric cleanse of our canvas, leaving behind a faint charge of bright newness.  Every year, the season comes along coating our cold, icy coloured spirits with streaks of golden sun yellows, light daisy pinks and robin egg blues.  It leaves it's sweet scents of cinnamon carrot cake (recipe post coming next week) and sugared flower pedals in it's wake.  This time, every year that I can't help but feel a tug to wake up a little earlier, take life a little lighter and look for new and transformative opportunities in the dusty, hidden corners that winter left untouched.
From pulling out all of our belongings in order to minimize and revitalize our sense of self to organizing important papers, checking off overdue to-do's and snipping off the stalky ends of flower bouquets that now paint the air in our kitchens and bedrooms, this season is the one of cleansing - mind, body, surroundings and soul.
With the slowly raising temperatures and honey sweet breezes brushing it's essence into my life, I decided to let my inner Monica Geller take over yet again and draft up a guided spring cleaning checklist to ensure nothing was forgotten or left behind. And as I now stare at my half-completed apartment (tomorrow's the last day of decorating and I am buzzing to see the finished result) and type up my grocery list to wrap up the week making a vegan carrot cake, I can't help but feel an internal transition following suit.  It sounds lame to connect a newly decorated corner of a room and freshly mopped floors to a revitalized state of mind or sudden life epiphany, but damn, this shit really does work.
While the template below is an easy guide to spring cleaning your space and surroundings, there's something to be said for taking the opportunity any external change gives us to shift our personal states of being as well.  It can be anything from getting up earlier in the morning, testing out our green thumb, loading up our vehicles and going on an impromptu adventure or taking on a new whole-food-juice-cleanse-lemons-and-yoga lifestyle.  This season ultimately hands all of us the opportunity to refresh and renew all of what makes up who we are.
Pull open the blinds, switch up the winter melancholy for some acoustic folk, brew yourself some coffee and stretch out your muscles.  We've made it through another winter, and 2018 is still young.

Happy Fresh Starting!




  • Sacred Powers - Davidji (Spiritual, Enlightening, Uplifting) 
  • Calm - Michael Acton Smith (Calm the Mind, Change The World)
  • Unplug - Suze Yalof Schwartz (A Simple Guide to Meditation) 
  • Since You've Been Gone - Anouska Knight (Fiction, Love Story, Bakery) 
  • Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks (Bikes, Beaches & South Carolina Love Story) 
  • The Power Of Now - Echkart Tolle (A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment) 
  • The Measure Of My Powers - Jackie Kai Ellis (A Memoir of Food, Misery and Paris) 
  • Moonology - Yasmin Boland (Working With The Magic of Lunar Cycles) 


  1. Paint with Watercolour 
  2. Plant a Garden 
  3. Bake Carrot Cake, Coffee Cake & Cute Donuts 
  4. Grow a Vegetable - Then Prepare it for Dinner (I am actually such an old lady) 
  5. Read 5 New Books 
  6. Go On Spontaneous Road Trip 
  7. Do Yoga In The Sunlight 
  8. Spring Clean & Refresh Apartment 
  9. Go To a Farmers Market (& buy flowers, fruits, veggies, jams) 
  10. Get a Tarot Card Reading