It has been my recent quest to create the inner equilibrium I attribute to being balanced.  While I believe there is a multitude of ways you can do this, one in particular that's really captivated me is using the elements as a means of finding universal balance.
At the beginning of the year, I printed out numerous photos that symbolized the different avenues and layers of life I wanted to manifest during my 24th circle around the sun.  Four of those images were symbolic for the four elements that make up life as we know it - water, air, fire and earth.  Three of the others photos pinned up on wire as a constant reminder of the sense of peace I was hoping to manifest symbolized mind, body and soul.
It only makes sense - at least to me - that with combining those three corner stones that make up who we are and how we are as individuals, and charging them with elements directly connected to Mother Nature herself, we can start to find our balance again in a calm and serene way.
At the time of printing these photos out, it was much more of a foreign concept to me and one that I am still learning about as the year continues to progress - but I swear that mood board shii does work.
Somehow, without meaning to, I began to find hidden pockets of elemental wisdom in the deep pages of books and encounters with fellow earthling souls that started to create these subtle energy shifts without my desperate grasp or reach for them.  It sounds complicated, but trust me - it's not.  Take note anytime you do one of these things on how much more calm, creative and centred you feel.

In more recent weeks, my life has undergone a lot of shifts and changes.  Ones that at times felt like the ground beneath my feet was crumbling away, leaving me grasping desperately at anything that would make me feel safe and secure during the avalanche of what I thought was my life until further notice.   Well, the Universe sent it's further notice and I, like a deer in the headlights, held my breath as I tried to keep my balance through it all.  It's from there that I began using these small and subtle ways to bloom balance back into my life again using each of these influential elements available to us all, one moment at a time.
Also note: as I type this, I can't help but feel the sarcastic eye roll of one-year-ago-me while I spew the inner hippie-dippiness of my soul, but I swear to you, this is life changing stuff.

Let's start with the universal sign of life:
- Water - 
Purification, Subconscious, Psychic Powers
Mind - Balance your emotions and increase your calming energy by envisioning a smooth body of water in times of crisis.  In Sacred Powers by davidji, he speaks about how we are both a wave and the entirety of the ocean itself.  As a wave, we rise up at the beginning of our lives and ride out our wild days only to fall and collapse back into the Universe at the end of our lives.  During the duration of that wave, we are still part of the ocean meaning we are still one with the Universe, but we are also our own individual wave - one that cannot be duplicated or created again in that same very moment of time and within that empty space that was once waiting to be filled by our ripples of energy.  Make it a mantra - I am the wave and the ocean.
Body - Hydration! Staying hydrated makes a world of a difference on our day-to-day state and overall health.  When we're dehydrated, we feel tired, lazy, slow to think and fatigued.  Increasing our intake of water - a simple and overstated concept - can instantly leave us feeling more balanced, clear-minded and even clear skinned.  It helps aid in digestion, helps to flush toxins from our bodies and leaves us feeling more awake and energized.
Soul - Being by a body of water is said to have a calming effect on our overall state.  It helps to gauge how small we truly are in the vastness of our world.  Whenever you're feeling lost and confused, searching for answers from the Universe or just need some clarity - go sit by the closest body of water you can find lose your focus staring out at the spot where sky meets ocean.  Breathe with it, listen to it, let it heal you.

- Earth -
Abundance, Home, Nourishing, Fertility 
Mind - Connection to the earth through forms of yoga and meditation.  Feeling the density of your soul in time and space as gravity holds you to the ground.  Being out in nature and taking in the colours, sounds and textures can also instantly elevate anxieties and negative energy.  Take a brisk walk somewhere green and serene and notice all the different levels of earth around you - dirt, leaves, trees, flowers, plants or meditate to the sounds of nature if taking a hike isn't currently available to you.
Body - Eating from the earth.  Vibrant, colourful foods.  Nourishing our bodies and cells internally through eating from our planet. Healing using wholistic methods and medicines.  Feeling the earth beneath your bare feet or hugging a tree (if this is too weird, high-fiving it will do!) You can also start exploring things like crystals.  This is another avenue I've only begun to dip my toe in but regardless of how strongly you believe in them, they are beautiful and definitely hold a magnetic field of energy no matter how subtle.
Soul - Surrounding yourself with earthy or atmospheric accents, especially if you spend a vast majority of your day or time indoors.  Plants, crystals and flowers can create a lasting effect along with keeping fresh fruits and vegetables out on display.  Having these things in your vision, if even in the background unnoticed can have a lasting effect on your overall feeling of balance through out the day.

- Air - 
Power of Mind, Creativity, Communication, Higher Self
Mind - Quieting the mind.  Finding the empty space and wholeness within just as it is without.  Finding headspace through meditation and connecting to your higher sense of self by being the watcher of your thoughts.  Taking up the space in your mind to demand and quiet it.
Body - Taking long, deep breaths.  Igniting your energy and connection through prana (life-giving force of breath).  Being more mindful with our action and our connection to everything we do through breath.  Yoga can also help for this as it's all about connecting movement with the breath.  Also, manifestation from thin air through action rather than words.  Filling the air around you with positive and conscious energy through intention and the following action.
Soul - Climbing to a high elevation, whether hiking or the top of a building.  Being outside and feeling the wind on your skin.  Laying back and watching the clouds. Meditating outside in fresh air. Anytime you feel yourself overwhelmed or highly emotional, go outside and take three huge deep breaths.  Make each breath completely conscious.  Note how you feel after.

- Fire -
Passion, Creation, Destruction, Transformation
Mind - Self-love and gratitude.  Collecting a list of things you are thankful for or attributes about yourself you enjoy.  Meditating on the things you love and sending that fiery energy outward to those things in the form of gratitude, light and passionate love.  Turning inward to your internal flame and feeding it with positivity and promise.  Envision the small pit of fire in your belly, ask it what it wants.  What makes it burn high and bright and what muffles it (in most cases self-loathing and doubt).
Body - Warmth - never underestimate the power of a soft and warm blanket or fuzzy socks.  Getting lots of sunlight is also incredible for finding and feeling balance.  Have you ever noticed all your problems seem a little less daunting when you lean your face back and bask in a bit of sunlight?  Tilting your head back anytime you feel the yellow rays against your skin.
Soul - Surround yourself with LIGHT! Lots of candles, string lighting, crystal lamps and if you can, grab all your gal pals and have a bon fire.  (vegan s'mores recipe coming soon).  Fire can also be a thing of destruction and shedding negativity, so write down everything you wish to let go of and light it up.
Safely of course.

Whether you're looking to regain balance in your life again, or are just curious about these elements and if they can make any difference on your overall consciousness, I recommend giving a few of these a try with complete awareness.  Notice how you feel before and after each action and see if you can add a few more of your own to the list.  The thing is, no one can tell you how to find your balance, instead have fun experimenting with your own connection to the elements and ultimately your connection to the Universe.  Lastly, note that it's completely human and normal to fall out of balance.  It's not about how many times or how long you've been stuck feeling out of sorts, it's about finding your way back, learning a little more about yourself and our surrounding forces every single time.

Sending you lot's of love and light 
xo - K 

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