For the past few weeks I've struggled with trying to come up with what to blog about.  If I'm being real with you guys, in my mind if it wasn't incredible HD photos of a bomb outfit or some sort of healthy gluten-free easy-to-make etc. etc. recipe (also dictated along with incredible HD photos) I felt like it wasn't going to be good enough.
A few days ago, I found myself doing the exact same thing with my Instagram.  My thumb aimlessly scrolling as I floated through images of perfect bodies, perfect lifestyles, perfect trips, perfect clothes and suddenly the image I wanted to post of my dog just seemed pale in comparison.
How messed up is that? A happy little picture of one of the greatest joys of my life suddenly didn't seem like a good enough image to make it on the gram.
Realistically, I knew this wasn't true.  This feeling didn't align with who I really was a person, but yet I found myself comparing.  My body didn't look like hers, I was sitting on my couch answering my 500th email of the day having not showered or changed out my leggings yet while this other girl was frolicking the beach and sipping Pina coladas with all of her friends.
This started to become a silent theme of subconsciousness that I dragged around with me everywhere unknowingly.  I didn't want to film because it wouldn't be good enough, I didn't want to write a blog post because it wouldn't be glamorous enough, I didn't want to post to Instagram because my photos weren't good enough.  Without even realizing it, I had gone from having one of the best weeks of my life to feeling like an utter failure in a matter of just a few days with no actual outside changes in the world.  This was all a made up construction I had built in my mind by letting even the tiniest bit of comparison slip through the cracks.
That is why I'm posting today.   It's Wednesday, it's 4:46pm and I'm currently sitting on my couch in sweats and my dogs fur all over me.  I'm bloated AF from the spring rolls I had for lunch and my makeup is half rubbed off and doesn't match the rest of my body because I have put self-tanning on the back burner.  If you were to scroll through my Instagram you would have no idea I spent this morning having a total meltdown from stress,  slept in my sweat and rain from walking home from hot yoga last night or spent the last 24hours having only physically spoken to the cashier at the grocery store.
Now I'm not here to bash social media, but I am here to debunk it.  All of these amazing bikini photos, perfected selfies and touché captions are the highlights of what we want to show and there is nothing wrong with that.  What we have to remember is that we have control over what we decide to compare ourselves too.  We have the ability to buy into and compare ourselves to the images we see on a daily basis or to continue to live as our true selves and be grateful for what we have to offer the world.  If we can find a way to appreciate the lives and energy of other people and become crystal clear with our own then we're no longer chained to this game of comparing and are free to spread our own light and experiences with the world.  Anything that makes you happy, anything that adds to your life is perfect.  We do not need to perfect or curate an image in order to prove to the world that we have our shit together or are happy.  That story should tell itself through the energy we share and the way we share it.
So, here I am, still on my couch now at 5:01pm, completely unfiltered and unperfected sharing just a few thoughts that have really weighed me down the past few days in order to shed some light on the normality of feeling this way and how perfectly okay it is for your life not to be perfect.

So love the crap out of your dog, wear the clothes that you feel good and comfortable in, be around the people that make you happy and savour the few moments we actually get in this life and if you happen to get a photo out of it, great, post it.
Then get back to really living, because that's what's important.

That's it for today.  Hope this helped lighten up the pressure for some of you out there as it did for me.
Take care of yourselves!