“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.”
― Richie Norton

Begin again.
It's something my counsellor said to me once.  "Just take a deep breath, and begin again."
Instantly, I felt the pressure of all the previously pent up anxiety and failure from the day fade.
I'm not talking about heavy failure from months or years ago, I'm talking the failure of not getting to my workout that morning, having to skip my meditation to get a video sent in for a deadline and for ultimately beating myself up for not having been what I considered to be "my best" on that particular morning.
It's an interesting concept, that we can begin again in every moment.  With every breath.
Was it really that simple to just reset? To begin all over, right here right now and with a mindful perspective -- just try again?

resetting your mind 

When we feel the constriction of being pulled a million directions at once, when we feel the disappointment of ourselves or the ones we love when we're unable to show up in the way we intended or perhaps had previous planned to, when we feel the direction of the day going in a way we hadn't originally hoped or intended, begin again.  All the times you feel that build up of negative energy or when overwhelm starts to make the world sit on your shoulders in weights much heavier than they seemed 10 seconds ago...
Take a deep breath...
And begin again.

Every single moment is laced together through the inhale and exhale of the flowing energy of life.  Meaning with just one breath, we can exhale our current perspectives, actions, beliefs and decisions for newer, lighter and happier ones.  To close down, release, reset and open ourselves back up to life with a fresh palette of energy and enthusiasm.
I mean, is there any solid proof that we're unable or unallowed to do so? What's keeping us so heavily tied into our stress and our drama?
Let go of expectation and let go of what has already passed so you can remain mindful and open to what is currently coming.

resetting your body

Not only can we reset our minds, but we also have the magnificent power of resetting and healing our bodies -- when given the proper time and attention.  Whenever I feel like I've strayed far from feeling my best; my skin is breaking out, my neck and back are sore, my gut and digestion are off, my head feels heavy and achy or my eyes feel dry and tired, I like to do a body scan.  Sitting down and with closed eyes, just scanning from my head down to my feet allowing any feeling to come forward, whether it be pleasant or painful.
I notice and create space for how I feel, allowing my body to talk to me in it's own language if that makes any particular sense.  I don't judge what I feel (or I try not to) I don't force meaning into why I might feel said way, I don't cut off my body as it's trying to translate itself to me, I just allow it to show and tell all on it's own.
At times, I'll instantly know why something is off.  Whether it's general knowledge of my lack of sleep or after a night of late wine chats and snacks with friends, I'll instantly be able to understand my need to move a little slower or create a little extra compassion for my body on those days.  Other times, when my head doesn't feel quite right or my stomach is in knots, I just have to let the why go and figure out what I plan to do about it instead; extra diligent skin care, more water, less sodium or fried foods, lower impact workouts, going for a run, less caffeine, more sleep, whatever my intuition is asking of me and already knows I ought to be doing.
Not to mention, taking the odd self-care GYST day always does the trick of a good physical reset as well.  I'm talking nails, hair masks, face serums, razors, lotions, maybe even a good massage.  Anything to get me back into connecting within my skin again.

resetting your spirit 

How does one reset their spirit exactly? The answer may be different for everyone, but whenever my spirit is feeling a little stomped on or tired out, I like to do things that reconnect me to a sense of life.
There are a handful of people who I like to get around solely because their energy reminds me what it's like to feel life's zest or to see the magic in myself when I'm feeling particularly low.  Having people who speak your language so you don't have to translate your spirit reinvigorates your shine just by being in their presence.  Hold those people close and don't forget to return the favour.
I've also noticed my spirit tends to sparkle anytime I return home from travelling or spend some quality time with nature or looking at the sky.
Just allowing myself to be moved in some way; vulnerable to the beauty of life or the open arms of someone else.  Art, creating, writing, music, any piece of life that I can almost feel the energy of -- the magic to.  This is why this answer may be different for you, but magic all the same.
Take note of the people, places and things that sync to your spirit like a rhythm to your heartbeat.

resetting your soul

What makes your soul sing?
For me, it's my alone time.  I tend to recharge my batteries during the solo-morning moments of sunrise and the beatting tune of a new favourite song while I coast down the highway or run down my city's streets.
Spirit, to me, is the light and energy I feed back to the world.  Therefore soul is my own connection to that magic myself.  So if my soul is feeling out of touch, it usually means I'm feeling unconnected to my souls roots.  This relationship within is one of the most important.  Without a simple reset every now and then, I find myself losing my defences to the energy around me or to my own undigested emotions demanding to be reset and felt.
This is where I go to mediate, to journal, to dream.  To listen to music, dance, stretch, take myself out for lunch or sing in the kitchen while making dinner.  It's where I go to read, to drive, to do anything that connects me to a sense of calm and ease within my own company.  
Discovering how crucial this reset button is to my overall sense of happiness and focus, I started making solo-time a standard for every morning.  It's always a little different, but leaves me feeling the same kind of magic no matter where I am or what's going on in my life.
So, what makes your soul sing?
Do that everyday and you'll feel constantly refreshed.

Know that you have the ability to begin again.
Let your mind be light, your body be free, your spirit shine and your soul sing.
For within every moment and every breath, you are new.

to the moon and back,
- k

Photo's By: Arthur Parra