While I try to promote being more mindful and making conscious choices on the daily, half of the time I find myself frantically out of touch within my own life and trying to take my own advice.  
I'll think I'm doing the right things, but there's always a never ending stream of worry, wondering if I'm making all the wrong moves or  if I'm even in the right place in my life all together.  
I am struggler of self-doubt, as many of us are, so my ways of trying to focus have grown to result in one of two methods; gun it through the self-doubt until you burn out or drag your feet through it listening to all the ways things are going wrong in hopes inspiration will soon arrive.  
It isn't until I reflect back on moments of unconsciousness in my life that I'm able to fully understand where my mind was truly at.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - it's not the world I don't trust, it's myself. 
I'm so afraid that I will somehow fumble, fall and stop all these amazing things from happening in the world or within my life - so much so that I'll convince myself they will never happen or if they do, they'll be taken away.  In return, I end up giving into defeat too easily, selling myself short and finding myself groove-less on what seems to been an endless loop of every few weeks or so.  

I lose my groove in fear of all the things that could go wrong + 
I lose my spark of magic in believing that will never go right = 
I take away my full ability to make my life both groovy and magical.

It's when I find myself taking shortcuts and shrinking my comfort zone that I can tell I've lost my groove.  

What's the most important thing to remember when you find yourself grooveless? 
- that you are not a failure 
- that everyone, at one time or another, finds themselves also feeling grooveless
- that the whole world is NOT out there grooving without you 
- that you can change the music and find a new groove 

That feeling of groove-less-ness is just as much a part of this human experience as falling in love, stubbing your toe or getting hungry.  Often times, we learn to embrace all the beauty and comforts of life and forget to find magic in the discomfort or risks.  My opinion? We should learn to fall in love with the risks of life, rather than the rewards.  
Stop judging yourself for feeling out of touch - and if you can't do that for yourself than do it for the next fellow out there feeling groove-less and beating themselves up for not being at their absolute best.  
What would you say to that person? 
Sometimes even thinking it for someone else can lighten the load we put on ourselves.  

So, how do you get back into your groove then? 

Let's stick with the music metaphor shall we?
Have you ever found new music, a song, album, artist or new genre that you could NOT stop listening to?  For a while it becomes your anthem, your heart and soul, your entire mood? 
You play it in the car, in the shower, in your headphones walking down the street, in the background while you're cooking dinner.  
Have you ever sworn this music brought you to a state of such euphoria that you could feel your ears crying in sweet comfort? That this artist just knew how to translate your soul into sound? 

Then have you ever had to avoid that music like the plague three weeks later because you've made yourself truly sound sick (like car sick, only from music) from playing it on repeat? 

The formulas of days and nights laced together that may at one time bring us a sense of joy are usually only a fleeting phase of our life before it's time to change the station -- or shuffle the Spotify in 2019 terms.

Let yourself open up to this feeling of having no idea what you're really doing and let it inspire you to seek something new.  Try out new things, play around with new sounds, find something new that speaks to you.  Ditch the routine, surrender to the change in your rhythm (i.e. routines and rituals) and stay open and honest while you wait for your new groove.  
If you get frustrated, that's okay.  If you get impatient, that's okay.  Let it pass, talk it out and stay open.  Don't take away from the music that is still going on around you - whether or not you feel like dancing to it.  
Just keep stomping out the beat, keep focused on the things that are still bringing you joy while you make room for the discomfort for the things that don't, and trust that the music will come to you when you're ready.  Count your blessings, talk out your struggles and suddenly you'll feel the buzz of the beat kicking back into your feet.  

When your groove kicks back in... 

Implement what you've learned.  Begin your new routines.  Have zero expectation for how you'll feel -- when I recently got my groove back it wasn't like I was more inspired than I have been in the past, but I was and am far more excited by the risks I'm taking rather then the rewards I'm waiting for and thus, I'm embracing a new beat along my own journey.  

So if you've lost your groove,  lean into it, surrender and allow a new groove to come to you.
I bet it's closer than you think.  

Love you guys to Neptune and back
- k 

Captured By: Arthur Parra 

Hat - Topshop 
Skirt - Aritzia (Sunday Best)
Jacket & Boots - Lulu's