HI! Welcome to KOZE (more on this later).
It's been a while since I've used my blog, but I'm bringing it back with more to read and see, and what better way to start than showing a few snapshots of the absolutely incredible trip to France just this past week with Biotherm.
Not only did we get to explore the inside of the caves with stalactites hundreds of thousands of years old, but we also took a helicopter tour of the Pyrenees mountains and ate so much French bread I swear I gained five pounds.  We also got to meet Victoria's Secret angel Elsa Holsk who is just as sweet as she is gorgeous.
Aside from the mad jet leg, France was amazing and only made me want to get back and explore it more, only time will tell.
I kind of wish I was able to take more photos, but the trip was so short and sweet I wasn't able to pull out my camera in the midst of the all the craziness.  Ultimately, it's only making me more excited to get back over to Europe in a two weeks, only this time I'll be hitting up Scotland and England.
Expect that blog post soon.

In the meantime, you'll notice my blog is a little sparse at the moment.  There's still some changes to be made including the store portion, but you can expect new blog posts every Wednesday at 5pm EST (in case you want to set your alarms, you know?) If you're curious as to what you might find on here as opposed to my other platforms, I'm planning on posting all things from vegan recipes, open journals, travel pictures and round ups, photography I've always wanted to share with you guys but never really knew how, along with tons of fashion posts and everything in between.  You'll also notice on the side bar I'll keep updating new playlists full of music I'm obsessing over since that's something I update quite regularly.  Basically this blog is going to be a sum up of all my platforms into one.  Pictures, music, videos, it'll all be wrapped with a pretty little bow here, so if that tickles your fancy feel free to bookmark my site, or sign up for the email updates (it's on the side bar if you're curious as to how).  SO, check back on Wednesday for an updated post, and in the meantime...