For those of you who don't know (which is probably impossible since I've gone social media overboard these past few days) I just recently returned back from one of the most incredible weekends at Playlist Live in Orlando! I got to meet so many of your amazing faces, soak up a few rays of sunshine, and dance out every guacamole related meal and spiked drink I consumed.  I figured it would be fun to share some of the photos with you guys and also roll through a random rant session that came to mind while I was away on this trip.  If this is in shambles and all over the place, I apologize, I'm just going to roll with the thoughts. 

While I was amongst a sea of incredibly successful and beautiful people this weekend,  I noticed how quick of a habit it can be to compare ourselves to one another.  I'm not just talking physically or in terms of success either, this can even boil down to someones else's presence in a room.  This then led me to realizing how much we tend to do this on a daily basis, and how could we not with social media being such a present focal point of so many of our lives.  We get engulfed in follows and likes and end up in some sort of rat race to social acceptance.  Even when we do something totally incredible or are really proud of the hard work we've put into something it can take anything as simple as noticing something really cool that someone else is doing to suddenly make our life feel like soggy sandwich in a world of gourmet pizza (I don't understand where this food reference came from, but I'm digging it). 
We can get so deep into this mentality that we suddenly bog ourselves down for everything we are, do and stand for and that grass magically appears so much damn greener on the other side, doesn't it? 
I mean, even watching my vlog back,  I absolutely love editing together the highlight reel of such an amazing weekend, but as a spectator you don't see the sore feet, awkward moments or lull time between events.  You just see the highlights, just like in anything else on social media.  Now, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that so long as we remind ourselves of this and stay honest.  99% of the things we share online and in real life are the highlights, because I mean who wants to dwell on the low or mundane? Why do you think they cut all the boring things out of movies; ever notice your favourite character rarely needs to eat, answer emails, fill out paperwork, study or even use the bathroom?
Once we know and understand this, we can start to take some of the pressure off ourselves and stop comparing our current moment (scrolling through our phone screens after a long day at school or work as we sit on the couch with Dr. Phil in the background) with someones highlight moment (on a beach surrounded by palm trees with a tropical drink served out of a pineapple with the coolest god damn sunglasses on you've ever seen in your life, like where did you get those?).  
We're all walking our own paths, trudging along to whatever the Universe has in store for us, and while I do believe we have some say or control in what we find along our way, I don't think we attract any of the good stuff by beating ourselves up comparing our lives to the standards or pathways of anyone else's.  Someone else shining bright doesn't dull any of your sparkle, and it's okay to appreciate their beauty and even root for their success as you continue to work on your own. (girl power *insert spice girls song here*) 
Basically what I'm getting at here is the trick to not comparing yourself to all of the standards and ideals being plastered in front of our faces everyday is to appreciate the beauty of someone else's journey, but then turn your attention back to your own and keep hustling.  Send out that good energy, be easy on yourself, love your life and YOUR path, and just watch watch the Universe cooks up for you. 
I bet it'll be a lot more delicious than a soggy sandwich. 

I'm out, until next Wednesday