Just this week, I swear everyone I knew felt like the Universe was playing some sort of cosmic trick on them.  From my sister's car being hit and the culprit fleeing for the hills, to Larissa (lovely lady pictured above) getting a flat tire and smashing her phone in the same night, to my girl Cat having a man-down allergic reaction, to my own credit card getting hacked which marks the second time this year.  Is it something in the air? What haveth we done to deserveth this? 
It's moments like these that make you want to throw your hands up in surrender, pack it on in and have a sulk fest for the hand of cards being dealt to you.  But if there's one thing I know - the only party worth missing out on is the pity party for one.  

“Life often turns to shit before it turns to shinola.” - Jen Sincero

This quote popped into my head last night as Larissa and I walked down the winding, midnight roads of the city mulling over how we could get her a phone and a drivable car by the following day (all whilst simultaneously laughing at the fact it all happened to begin with and deciding we needed some warm bread and a bottle of wine stat).  I have this theory that whenever the Universe deals us one of these days or a string of these wtf moments, amazing things are brewing for our lives.  Think of it like this - everything in life needs balance, right? So therefore consider this your round of karmic balance.  Things often go almost comically wrong right before they're about to turn magnificently right.  If there's one thing you have to hold on to when life gets you down, it's that before long it'll be lifting you right back up much higher than you were before.  So while you take in the scratches on your car, the flat tire on the side of the road, the buttons that no longer work on your just-dropped-and-shattered phone, the coffee spilt all over your brand new shirt as you are on your way to work, the charges made on your credit card that most certainly were not you (no Susan, the charges for a new mattress and remote control plane in Mexico were definitely not me... though I will take the plane if that's possible)  or the ticket waiting on your dash as you crawl back to your car after a long day - toss the Universe back a laugh and get ready for some serious miracles to walk into your life.  Because in the wise words of Jen Sincero, things often need to get shitty before they can get shiny again. 

And while you wait for said miracles and shift in dumb luck to grace it's way through your door, grab your gals and a bottle of a rosé and pass the time munching down on tacos and laughing about hard times. 
Because tacos are always the answer to all of life's questions.  


Sweet & Spicy- Teriyaki Potato + Black Rice 

- Soft Taco Shells 
- Italian Black Rice (warmed)
- Sweet Potato (cubed and baked in teriyaki sauce)
- Teriyaki Marinede (also drizzled on top) 
- Vegan Cheese Mix 
- Sliced Avocado 
- Sweet Corn
- Cherry Tomato 
- Cilantro 
- Sriracha 

Extra Hot - Spicy Chick Pea + Tofu 

- Hard Taco Shells 
- Chick Peas (sautéed in szechuan sauce & crushed garlic)
- Szechuan sauce
- Roasted Orange Pepper
- Pan Fried Tofu + Taco Seasoning 
- Lettuce Base 
- Green Onion Garnish 
- Jalapeños

Classic Vegan Fav - Portobello Mushroom + Roasted Veggies 

- Soft Taco Shells 
- Lettuce Base 
- Roasted Portobello Mushroom
- Sautéed Yellow Pepper 
- Sautéed Onions in crushed garlic 
- Salsa 
- Guacamole 
- Cilantro 
- Hot Sauce 

Sending you lots of love, luck and scrumptious tacos.
xx K