the mountain crown //

my insides turned out 'til you
your heights and views amidst
the dark shadows of the night time
and the early morning mist

the moon followed me through cities
filling more as days go by
in this pocket full of summer
I burn alive
with the midnight mountain air inside

but the detours sharpen teeth
and the road blocks linger round
in one hand
the world gives you what you want most
with the other
it tempts to bring you down

pins and needles across the surface
but libations do the trick
I won't let old horrors haunt me
for my skin is growing thick

with burning rage and open cage
I let my devils dance
our twisted games of tempt and fate
I once used to fuel distress

the licks of flame we danced around
old me's I burned away
my shadows starve
the light runs wild
i'm coming out to play

eyes fell as I did with them
to a place of in-between
where my bones became the earth below
my blood
laced evergreen

skies painted shades of new
my breath caught up on the clouds
I don't want to know what happens next
I never want to climb back down

from way up in the castle
I take in limbs of new
with each flick I feel the visions fade
I fall more in love with you

I'm tracing back my steps now
to the old I reminisce
things once tangled at my feet
I burn away with one last kiss

like streams my hair pours down long
my steed plays joyful at day break
with all this love to give I waited
I choose instead to take

I seize my soul to battle
let go the grip of reign
its warmer than it looks outside
from me
these casting rays

the world is calling me below
its time to come back down
how do I say what happened here
still lost yet somehow found

with each step down the ladder
bare feet find the earth again
with new air that lifts these wings of fire
water having found its mend

my soul rose from the summit ash
life glistened from the ground
I reach and grasp a cutting edge
I found my mountain crown.

photos are by: Anna Kova
this girl is an absolute artist with the camera -- thanks for making me look like a mountain princess