It took a while for me to finally fall into a rhythm where my fitness routine seemed to flow as more of a fun lifestyle than a dreadful exercise to check off of a to-do list or a meal that tasted as bland as sand.  With the balance of eating right, moving my body, thinking straight and also living life as blissfully as possible being the never-ending goal I step one foot in front of the other to,  I feel like I've met a wave of life where the ability to do what is right but also what resonates most with me to the core is finally feeling like an easy ride.
With theming the days of the week to instil variety, but also being willing to throw any strict regimen out the window by finding fun ways to work moving, munching and meditating into the vibe of each day, I have officially created a weekly routine that fits me like my fav pair of jeans; only now they are fitting much better I must say.

Here it is -- 

Moving: Cardio + Stretch
Munching: Easy digest foods, more plain, probiotics -- Banana’s, whole wheats, high fibre, kombuchas, etc. 
Meditation of any sort (this can include anything from journaling to actual sit down, hands clasped, mind lost in the clouds) 

Moving: Strength Training (upper body or lower body circuits)
5-8 exercises, 15-40 reps, 2 times through. 
FLOW - Stretching, yoga, dancing. 
Munching: Balanced Whole Foods -- does my body recognize this?
Meditation of any sort.  

Moving: Cardio + Strengthening stands in yoga + running stretches 
Munching: Higher Protein Foods -- protein shake experiment day 
Meditation of any sort.  

Moving: Strength Train or Longer/Play Yoga Session 
Munching: 3L WATER CHALLENGE + water intake check 
Juices & Smoothies + whole foods from the earth  
Meditation of any sort. 

Moving: Cardio Session + Stretch 
Munching: Full Balanced Whole Food Meals 
Meditation of any sort.  

Moving: Activity of any sort -- biking, walking, hiking, get outside.   
Optional additional workout from week if missed. 
Beauty Routine - hair, tans, nails, etc. (exfoliating, self-tan and masks is a workout in itself for real)
Munching: Try to eat healthy but yolo it's the weekend.  
Meditation of any sort.  

Moving: Relaxing yoga.  
Meditation of any sort (usually the night I play around with tarot and stuff for fun) 

Like I said, while this may seem super structured, it's just a means of moving everyday, munching healthy vegan eats everyday and connecting/checking in with my mind by meditation of some sort everyday.  As long as I check in on those three things,  everything else seems to fall into place on it's own.
At the end of the day I try to remember, it's more about how we feel on the inside rather than how we look on the outside.  While I think that our bodies can be used like a language to tell us when things are running smoothly inside or when things are out of tune - ultimately it's about the health and longevity of living a life full of purpose and passion rather than trying to get insta-worthy abs.  So do what makes you feel good, gives you the most energy and makes you feel most connected to not only your body, but your mind and soul too.
Take away the stress of it all and find the fitness that fits for you -- then get out there and live your life without over thinking it.
That's at least what I'm trying to do now-a-days.

Sending you tons of light, love and latte's
- K

Photos were shot by the lovely Anna Kova
Check out more of her work here