Now that we're winding into the final quarter of the year, it's a good time to start checking in with where we're at and where we are heading to make sure we finish strong - no matter how you feel 2018 has already been.
If you've had a phenomenal year, finish strong.  If you've had a challenging year, punch back and get on your best A-Game by the time 2019 rolls around.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love any good excuse to start fresh and hit the ground running, so I'm staring down the barrel of a crisp autumn and cool winter with full intentions of infusing every moment with my best energy, slaying the rest of the days dwindling another chapter of our lives.

1. First, we need to talk HAFF time.
A concept I invented shortly after the Drake concert.  Whip our your phone notes or journal and follow through these few starting points.

H - Honesty
How has 2018 been so far?

A - Acceptance
What are you current circumstances right at this moment? Accept them exactly as they are, good or bad.

F - Forgiveness
What grudges, whether they be on yourself, others or even this year do you need to forgive and let go of so you have a clean slate?

F - Focus
What can you focus on to finish the year strong? Make a list of 10 things, then prioritize the top three.
Make a promise that so long as you crush those top three things, everything else is just candy.

Some areas of life you may want to check-in on if you don't know where to start: 
  • Budgeting + Finances 
  • Fitness Routine/Exercise 
  • Nutrition, Physical Health
  • Mental Health 
  • Overall Life Goals and 2018 Resolutions 
  • Relationships -- the good and the toxic 
  • Personal Growth + Development 
  • Projects You're Working On 
  • Self Care 

2. Next, MAKE A PLAN.
Grab your calendars, your post it notes, your highlighters, your agendas, your Pinterest boards and get to WERK.
I like to divide my plans into a work plan and a life plan, my work plan being a bit more structured and organized by days and to-do's. My life plan is usually a bit more habits and inspiration boards to keep my energy high and thriving.
This is also when I like to tweak my priority list if need be. Or write one if I've abandoned my last.

Do it now.  Start now.  What can you do right at this minute? Take your top three priorities and pin-point an action item that you can get going with right now.  The timing is never going to feel right, and procrastination will only leave you feeling weighed down.  Make it fun, get excited about your life, and start now.

There's no time like present.

Good luck
xo -- k