Paris Anyone?






So I totally missed last weeks blog post, 


but, I'm coming back to share with you one last travel post for a few weeks.  I promise I'm not going anywhere for the next bit so the next few blog posts won't just be a slew of travel memories strung together with a short blurb at the end. (Oh the irony that that is exactly what this is).

Just last week my friend Allana and I decided to jump across sea and adventure to a few places impulsively and it was probably one of the coolest things I've done to date.  Aside from being up a tattoo, down a lot of dollars and now an expert at luggage weight overage charges, it was one of my favourite trips to date.  I wanted to leave this little number here to look back on one day and hopefully show my future daughter via holograph how Nirvana sweatshirts we're still cool and GIPHs were the best way to communicate feelings.

In the meantime, I hope your eyeballs enjoy it.  If there's anything this trip taught me it's to live life as it's happening.  Sometimes we tend to over think and over complicate the things we wish to do most, or worse convince ourselves we can't do the things we want.  The only thing standing in our way is ourselves so if we can side step our falsely fuelled beliefs about our current circumstances and see things with fresh eyes, we might just find the things we want are right there waiting for us,  we just have to work hard, have faith and most importantly, jump!

Alright, that's enough deep level crap one night, I'm signing out to put on the baggiest sweat pants I own, a glorious face mask and edit next weeks videos to this exact playlist below (wanted to create a visual you know?)


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  1. Girl that playlist is life. I have listened to it on repeat today. Top notch 👌🏽👌🏽
    Looking forward to the next video 🖤 Lots of love from the UK!

  2. I love everything she does !! definitely one of my inspiration!

  3. After binge watching Kalyn's travel vlogs, I decided to finally take the plunge and book my first ever solo trip to Cape town, its not in another country, its in another province, which I believe the North and South Americans call a "state". I'm super excited. I take so much inspiration from all my favorite YouTube sisters. Thank you so much..xoxo Love from South Africa

  4. Ive watched your videos for a couple of years Kalyn, but I have only recently discovered your blog! It goes without saying that I love what you create, and some of your videos have really helped me at certain times in my life! (I dont really do self promotion) but I have finally decided to start a blog myself! Its only a baby at the minute but would love some feedback from anyone that has the time!


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