When life gives you lemons, ditch them and grab a latte. 
No but seriously,  every now and then life is going to come at you with bad days, bad moods, bad moments and bad memories that threaten to tie weights to your ankles and sink you down faster than the titanic.  At every given moment in life, we are presented with the opportunity to choose - light or dark, right or wrong, happy or low.  Even if everything going on is outside of your control, lingering with it's dripping wet paint brush ready to paint you in shades of dark grey and blue, dice those lemons that life has handed you open, squeeze the juice in life's eyes and replace them with a sweet, comforting latte.
Or a doggo.
Or a yoga mat and some zen music, whatever floats your boat.  (So many boat references today)

I like to keep lists on my phone full of things to do in all given situations.  Just the other day, I was referencing this list on a very crappy day and upon sifting through the list of possible ways to boost my mood, I figured it might be time to crack it open and share it with you.  I've referenced it more times than I can count and I'm hoping it will now spread some of it's light to more than just my face at 3pm on a Monday.  So with that, I give to the: 

50 Things You Can Do To Cheer the Hell Up 

1.Have an 'idgaf' dance party
I compiled a few of my "idgaf" songs

2. Pet a Doggo or hangout with your pet 
3. Grab your favourite warm beverage from the nearest cafe
4. Paint your nails a vibrant colour or go get your nails did
5. Watch your favourite Disney movie
6. Put on a feel-good podcast 
7. Buy yourself some flowers
8. Workout in a bomb outfit (Follow with step 9)
9. Grab your favourite takeout or tub of ice-cream (Almond Fresh Salted Caramel Gelato... try it) 
10. Go for a walk - preferably somewhere green and serene
11. High five a tree
12. Take a Nap
13. Do Some Yoga
14. Meditate 
My recent fav podcast to meditate to - 
15. Watch funny dog or animal videos - MY FAV
16. Call up a friend and go out for drinks
17. Splurge on a little something you've had your eye on
18. Cook or bake something new
19. Light some candles and have an at home spa night
20. Compliment a stranger or help somebody out
21. Go for a drive and belt your favourite songs regardless of the people staring at you at the red light.
22. Play a video game (never underestimate the power of shooting aliens in Halo or beating Bowser in Mario)
23. Read an uplifting book  - My 2018 Motivation Reading List
24. Try a new cafe or restaurant
25. Go to a movie or even better, an arcade (dance dance revolution anyone?)

26. Read inspirational quotes
27. Make or add to your dream board
28. Buy your favourite candy or snack and watch an episode of your favourite show
29. Do something creative
30. Count your blessings
31. Cuddle
32. Give yourself a massage.. or go get one
33. Get some sunshine
34. Rearrange your furniture
35. Buy yourself a plant, name it, talk to it, get way to obsessed with taking care of it.
36. Vent to a friend or write it down to yourself
37. Set yourself up to have a better day tomorrow (planner time)
38. Try out a new DIY or craft
39. Take a new route to work, or try a new routine
40. Doodle
41. Cry it out, sometimes you just need to

42. Research and set your sights on a new goal or idea
43. Go somewhere quiet and recharge
44. Reminisce on old photos or home videos that crack you up
45. Grab some friends and play board games
46. Ask for wisdom or advice from someone comforting - if you can't think of anyone, google Dumbledore quotes, I swear it works.
47. Hug it out.  If there's no one around you can also hug trees it's less painful than the high five.
48. Pour yourself a glass of wine or make yourself a healthy smoothie. Whatever floats your boat today
49. Make a note on your phone of life motto's.  For instance "There isn't a shred of evidence that life was meant to be taken seriously." or “If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving definitely isn’t for you.” - Steven Wright 
50. Fake it until you make it and smile anyways, it feels good.

Hopefully one, or a combination of a few of these will lift your vibe and get you back to feeling all sunshine and sparkly again.  If not, then hang on tight, things will seem better by tomorrow I swear it.  Feel free to add any of your own mood boosters below!

Love always, 
- K