Often times in life we find ourselves pushing off to-do's, rescheduling tasks and finding reasons or excuses why we don't have the time, space or the energy to complete the things we have lingering over our heads.  We dance and side-step the never ending list of to-do's knowing that if we were to just slow down, anchor our focus and go at them full force, we'd not only knock it out of the park but we'd feel a million times better doing so.  That said planning to do it and actually doing it are two very different things.  When it boils down to beating that "just push it off" urge, there's a simple formula to follow that can help kick-start your "just brew it" attitude.

1. Attention
2. Intention
3. Action

In the amazing book Sacred Powers by Davidji, he breaks awareness down to three simple steps that help release our worries about the future and dread of the past in order to find synergy with the present.  From the moment we wake up to the second we fall asleep, our brains work in a pattern;

Something is brought to our attention: the time we have to be at work, hunger, our unmade beds, the way the barista spoke to us, the project we have to do for work or school, etc.

We (sometimes unknowingly) set our intention: to get to work on time, to fuel our bodies, to clean our bedrooms, to give the same level of sass back to the hands making our coffee, getting that project done as quickly as possible so we can return to our endless stream of Gossip Girl, etc.

We make our move: we wake up in a hurry, we scarf down a smoothie, we rushingly make our beds, we shoot daggers at the barista, we attempt to do a portion of the project only to put it off because we think we'll be much more focused after one more episode... etc.

Knowing this is a pattern we work in, we can become conscious of our attention, intentions and actions in order to filter through what needs to be done now and what can actually continue brewing for a future time.  In the world that we live in, it can become difficult to focus on one task at a time.  We have become so over-stimulated, over scheduled and too used to juggling multiple tasks at once that procrastination tricks itself into seeming like our friend.  Yes, pushing off our tasks to give our brains a bit of a rest is important, but it's a thin line between the friend that wants what's best for you, and the friend that thinks binge watching Netflix or drinking away the stress only to avoid dealing with the responsibilities at hand is the right thing to do.  Instead, turn inward and ask yourself these three sets of questions...

1. What do I currently need to get done in order to add value to my life or the lives of those around me? Where am I at with these tasks? 
2. Why are these things something I need to do? What is the important or urgency of each one? 
3. What is the correct action to take? Is this something that needs to be done now? What tasks hold highest priority?

These questions will help filter out what tasks need to be done now vs. what ones can be happily placed upon a different time or forgotten all together.   It will also help you anchor down your focus to the exact task, intention and proper action to get whatever it is done rather than the overwhelm and chaos of trying to do too many things at once including things that may not even serve us.  Once you know what tasks can be rightfully pushed to another time, stop focusing on and stressing about them so you can give your energy and drive in it's entirety to what really is truly important in this given moment.

Ambition is a lethal power.  We can become so excited and addicted to the ideas and outcomes of the many avenues our multifaceted lives hold, but at the end of the day, if you aren't enjoying your life and living it to it's full potential, what's the point?
We need to be able to be honest and sure of the things that not only hold value but deserve our full attention in the present moment in order to be able to find ease in the things that may need to take the back seat, and the time we need to coast between tasks in a blissful state of recharge.
So what's requiring your attention right now?  What is your intention with it? What is the action that needs to follow it through?
Now just brew it.

With love,
- K

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