Here we are again - that awkward point of winter where we all start going stir crazy dreaming of spring weather and lighter jackets.  Though it isn't Spring yet, I've drawn up a list of fun things to do that'll keep your brain growing and flowing until our planet floats a few inches closer to the sun and starts to thaw our indoor boredom. The beauty of indoor weather is being able to find something that pulls you in deep enough to forget how cold it is outside because you've created a world of your own full of batches of cookies or new beats and your label maker.  So, tuck away your patio weather thoughts and pull out some slippers, we've still got a few more weeks left to kill.


  1. WRITE - short story, music, poem, a book idea, journal, anything.  
  2. TAROT CARDS - celtic cross anyone? 
  3. BLOG - start a new blog, write up some posts, work on the designs 
  4. MEDITATE - guided meditation, solo meditation, crystals, candles, zen. 
  5. YOGA - go to a class OR throw on this playlist & stretch on your own // YOGA PLAYLIST 
  6. ART - draw, paint or sketch something even if you've never tried before   
  7. GO FOR A WALK - bundle up, grab the pup, hit the streets 
  8. BUDGET - write up a new budget and savings plan for summer 
  9. COOK OR BAKE - look up a yummy new recipe, throw on some tunes, feast. 
  10. PHOTOGRAPHY - capture a mood, explore your surroundings 
  11. CLEAN/ORGANIZE - throw on some headphones and grab a Swiffer 
  12. SOCIALIZE - ask a friend to chill or FaceTime 
  13. RESEARCH - veganism, meditation, global warming, art, music, literally anything new. 
  14. GOAL WORK - work on a 2018 goal, project or hobby 
  15. TACKLE A TASK - you know how you've procrastinated organizing your closet?  
  16. WORKOUT - do a yoga video, run on the treadmill, do some strength stuff  
  17. STORAGE CLEAN UP - back up photos, clear and clean up phone layout  
  18. BRAINSTORM - write up lists, ideas, projects, plans for the month or week  
  19. ADVENTURE - it waits just outside your door no matter how cold it is.  Pack up the car and go see something new   
  20. FILM A VIDEO - even if no one sees it.  
  21. COLOUR - adult colouring books + Spongebob + coffee = heaven. 
  22. REARRANGE FURNITURE - create a new feel to your space 
  23. DOCUMENTARY - Planet Earth, What The Health, Minimalism to name a few 
  24. LEARN A NEW HOBBY - instrument, knitting, yoga, etc. 
  25. PLAN A TRIP - round up some rainy day cash and friends and plan something fun (or maybe even tropical) 
  26. TAKE AN ONLINE CLASS - or search up a tutorial, no such thing as knowing too many skills 
  27. SPA DAY - throw on a face mask, hair mask, bubble bath, soak your feet, pour some wine and paint your nails... perfection. 
  28. CLOSET SHOP - try on new outfit idea's and stock pile them on your phone for future days/events 
  29. VIDEO GAME MARATHON - Mario party anyone? 
  30. SCRAPBOOK - print out some memories and start a picture book for the year 
  31. PLAN A SPRING GARDEN - start your research now 
  32. MAKEUP MAKEOVER - try a new look, style your hair, snap a pic because yolo 
  33. READ - get going on that book list for the year, whether it's getting lost in the beauty that is Patch in Hush Hush, or gaining some inspiration to conquer life with Jen Sincero in You Are A Badass
  34. MUSIC - discover new tunes, make a playlist
  35. MOOD BOARD - print out some dreams, goals and vibes and create a mood board
  36. DIY's - like adult craft time only now you can drink wine (or a spiked coffee if you're feeling crazy) 

If you decide to rock out anything on this list, snap a pic and tag me! 
Feel free to add any of your own ideas below! 

Stay weird,  
- K